Please also note that we are able to assist the foreign applicants in obtaining work permits in Tanzania once the company has been incorporated. The requirements for a work permit for foreign employees of the company (Class C permit) and a work permit issued to investors (e.g shareholders/directors) of the company (Class A) are provided below:

Work Permit Class A (For investors and Directors):

  1. Justification Letter
  2. Application Form TFN 901( 2 Forms)
  3. Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant with BLUE BACKGROUND;
  4. Photocopy of a valid passport;
  5. Sectoral approvals (where applicable);
  6. Previous work permit (for renewal application);
  7. Industrial/business/Operating license;
  8. Certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  9. Certificate of Value Added Tax (where applicable);
  10. Certificate of Incorporation/Business name;
  11. Memorandum & Articles of Association Extract from the Registrar of Companies/Constitution/any legal document; and
  12. Certificate of Incentive (if any)
  13. Workers Compensation Fund Certificate
  14. Proof of Registration with National Social Security Fund (Certificate)
  15. List of Employee registered by the National Social Security Fund

Work Permit Class C (Company Employees):

  1. Justification letter (Covering letter);
  2. Application Form TFN 901(2 forms);
  3. Contract of employment;
  4. Job description;
  5. Curriculum Vitae;
  6. Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant;
  7. Accreditation Certificate, if any, from respective professional entities;
  8. Academic/Professional Certificates;
  9. Photocopy of a valid passport;
  10. Industrial/Operating/ Business License;
  11. Certificate of Incorporation;
  12. Letter of No Objection from previous employer;
  13. Sectorial approvals where applicable; and
  14. Certificate of Incentive if any.
  15. Workers Compensation Fund Certificate
  16. Proof of Registration with National Social Security Fund (Certificate)
  17. List of Employee registered by the National Social Security Fund

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  • A special import permit issued by the Director of Agriculture and Food Security in Tanzania, is required for the entry of fresh fruit, plants, plant parts, and seeds.

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