Requirements for Company incorporation

  1. Proposed name of the company (at least three names) for search and reservation;
  2. The company can be formed by AT LEAST TWO or more persons. These can be individual persons, legal persons or a combination of both.
  3. The specific business activities of the Company (Company Objects);
  4. The physical address of the Company (includes Land Reference/Title Number (if any) or Room Number, Floor, Building, Street/Road): For incorporation purpose we offer the use of our virtual office at at agreed price per month for a period of 6 months. After a company has established its physical presence (address) in Tanzania, we undertake to notify the respective authorities about that change. 6. The contact address of the company which should include the postal address, telephone number and an email address;
  5. Particulars of each intended Shareholder/Director/Company Secretary. This includes the names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and residential addresses including details of the Plot Number, Road or Street and House Number of each intended Shareholder/Director;
  6. Copies of Passport for each intended Shareholder/Director;
  7. Copies of NIDA IDs’ for local shareholders and/or directors
  8. Persons intended to be directors are required to be registered with Tanzania Revenue Authority to be assigned with Tax Identification Number
  9. Once we obtain all required information, we undertake to prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association, notarize and registration of the same with the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA). Registration process is done online through Online Registration System (ORS). It takes a maximum of 24 hours to complete the process. A Certificate of Incorporation is provided.


After the Incorporation process, what follows is to have a company registered with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). At this stage, the following are required:

  1. Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  2. Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
  3. Lease Agreement for Company’s office;
  4. Evidence of payment of withholding tax and stamp duty in respect of the lease agreement;
  5. Copies of Passport of Directors of the Company
  6. Directors’ coloured passport size photos
  7. Introduction letter from the Local Government Authorities office proving the existence of company office in its area of jurisdiction
  8. If directors of the company are all foreigners, a registered Power of Attorney (PA) for appointing a local representative will be required.
  9. Date of commence of business; and
  10. Payment of provisional tax based on the company’s business projections (self assessment). We assist in preparing all the documents required by TRA and all further processes until the certificate is issued. The process takes 2 days to be completed. Company Tax Identification Number is issued together with Tax Clearance Certificate.


After having been cleared by the Revenue Authority, we proceed with business license. The following are also required under this cluster:

  1. Company name and number;
  2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation:
  3. Copy of TIN certificate of the Company issued by TRA;
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Lease Agreement of the Company’s office premises (stamp duty paid)
  6. Postal and physical address of the company; and
  7. Activity to be carried out by the company for which a business license shall be issued.
  8. If the intended business is regulated by another government authority, e.g. Construction, gaming etc. certificate of registration from a respective controlling government agency will be required.
Please note that should the client also intend to protect the corporate name as trade mark, it is advisable that the process be commenced by conducting a trade mark search at the Trade Marks Registry once the company name has been approved and reserved at the Companies Registry. This will enable the client to avoid a situation where the company incorporation process is complete, but the company name is later discovered not to be available for registration as a trade mark. 
It is also important to note that if a directors and shareholders are all foreigners living outside Tanzania, the company must (as a legal requirement) appoint a local representative who shall take care of registration with the Revenue Authority, and for Business License processing. We also provide this service of being company representative.

After completing the above process, the company is required to register with Social Security Funds as well as the Workers Compensation Fund. This is important because no Work Permit or Resident Permit can be issued to foreign officers of the company unless there is proof of registration with Social Security Fund and Workers Compensation Fund.

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