The Engineers Registration Board is a statutory body established under the Engineers Registration Act, No. 15 of 1997 as amended by the Engineers (Amendment) Act No. 24 of 2007. The Board has been given the responsibility of regulating the engineering activities and conduct of Engineers and Engineering Consulting Firms in the country. Under the law, it is illegal for an individual Engineer or an Engineering Consulting Firm to practice the profession if not registered with the Board. Registration with the Board is, thus, a license to practice engineering in Tanzania. The information below is intended to provide guidance to Foreign Engineers and Foreign Engineering Consulting Firms seeking to be registered with the Engineers Registration Board so as to practice engineering in Tanzania.
    All foreign Engineers will be registered on temporary basis as Temporary Professional Engineer (TPE) or Temporary Consulting Engineer (TCE). The Engineering Consulting Firms will be registered as Foreign Engineering Consulting Firms (FECF). The following requirements will have to be fulfilled.

a) Any Foreign Engineer who wishes to take up employment as an engineer or wish to practice engineering in Tanzania shall apply for and obtain temporary registration from the Engineers Registration Board as provided for under Section 11 of the Engineers Registration Act, No. 15 of 1997 as amended by the Engineers Registration (Amendment) Act No. 24 of 2007.

b) An application for registration as a Temporary Profession Engineer or Temporary Consulting Engineer will be considered if the applicant fulfils the following requirements:
      i) Hold the necessary academic and professional qualifications from engineering institution recognised by the Board as furnishing a sufficient guarantee of academic knowledge of and practical experience in engineering.;
     ii) Possesses the necessary expertise and has a proven experience in the field he intends to practice;
    iii) Registered as a Professional Engineer in home country or is a Corporate Member of a professional institution recognized by the Engineers Registration Board;
    iv) Employed in the Country and has been assigned to a specific project by a particular company;

c) The Board may also consider applications based on whether the applicant possesses qualifications and skills not available in the country;


a) Temporary Professional Engineer (TPE) and Temporary Consulting Engineers (TCE)
Applications for temporary registration as TPE or TCE shall be made in the appropriate forms downloadable from the website and submitted together with the following documents:
(i) Contract/Letter of employment signed by employee specifying duration and specific works for which employee will be engaged in while in Tanzania.
(ii) Copy of passport showing name, photograph, nationality, number, occupation and validity.
(iii) Detailed Curriculum vitae as per ERB CV guidelines.
(iv) Evidence of entry VISA or temporary visitor’s permit.
(v) Original or certified copies of degree certificates.
(vi) Obtain two (2) Referees to endorse part 7 of the application form. The referees should be Tanzanians, registered as Professional or Consulting Engineer
(vii) Proof of registration in the country of origin or membership with engineering institutions.

b) Foreign Engineering Consulting Firm
Applications for temporary registration as TCE shall be made in the appropriate forms downloadable from the website and submitted together to the Board with the following documents.

  1. Copy of certificate of Incorporation or Compliance from Registrar of Companies (BRELA).
  2. Profile of previous consulting works carried out by the firm.
  3. Extract from the works contract (for firms engaged in Government projects) showing equipment and facilities for the project availed to the consulting firm
  4. Copy of current business license OR Evidence of Offer/Contract of engagement or business in Tanzania
  5. Names of Team Leader and All Engineers who will engage in the project.
  6. Copy of office ownership/lease agreement/extract from the works contract
  7. Copy of documentary evidence on ownership of Equipment & Facilities used to offer consultancy.
  8. Submit List of reference books, code of practice, design manuals, etc
  9. Curriculum vitae of key personnel engaged in the project.
  10. Consulting firms are required to have at least one of the key/lead personnel applying or registered with the Board as consulting engineer in one of the fields of specialization the firm intended to practice.


Upon Registration and after payment of appropriate fees, the Board will issue the following documents: –
i) Certificate of Registration
ii) Annual Practicing Certificate/License
iii) Official Rubber Stamp for the Engineer
iv) Official Rubber Stamp for the Firm

Please note that the certificates has expiry date and will be required to be renewed annually after expiry upon satisfying the Board that applicant still have a valid employment in Tanzania and is in good records of practise.

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